About Me

It is often said that everyone has a novel inside them but many people never start because they feel that the novel itself may be really shit. This may be true, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Take my hand, follow this blog and let me help you excrete the novel that is pushing to get out of you.

Not sure if you should put your faith in my abilities? Then read on…

My achievements include:

I once wrote a comedy show for the Edinburgh Festival that was seen by over 250 people.

I have started writing six novels including ‘Robert Mugabe’s Missing Glasses: 2001 A Specs Odyssey’ and ‘Bangor to Bangkok (Travel Writing From A Non-Traveller)’ and I plan to actually finish one soon.

I sometimes get confused between ‘there’ and ‘their’ but I still know loads of words and have strung literally thousands of sentences together.

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