Writing Historical Novels

Budding writers ask me all the time, ‘How do I write a novel that’s set in the past?’ And I always reply, ‘Writing novels set in the past is dead easy!’

And I will now share with you how I do it, free of charge! Yes, you read that right, I will not be charging for the AMAZING tips I am just about to impart your way. The best payment you can give me is to go and write an amazing novel that brings you happiness, success and a personal fortune (then, you can send me a large wedge)

The easiest way to write a historical novel is to think of something that happened in the past and write about it. But please make sure that whatever you choose to write make sure it’s not set in the present day (see photo below)

history tip

Another thing budding authors say to me is, ‘But not much has happened before now times so what do I write?’ but I just say ‘there is so much that happened in the past’. I can think of loads of things that happened in the past, the invention of soup, the rise of pig-keeping in Lincoln between 1389 to 1435, the rise in popular hairstyles during the great famine of Finland and the fascinating story of the man who invented aglets (the bits of plastic at the end of shoelaces). Those examples are all off the top of my head, imagine what I’d come up with if I actually thought about it!!

Then when you have your topic, have a think about it before you start writing. As well as the advice I have given in the picture, the other things you shouldn’t mention in historical novels are, chips, the lead singer of the group The Police ‘Sting’ and butyl rubber safety gloves.

Other than that, remember these key things

  1. People were thicker back then.
  2. People said stupid shit like ‘Ye’

And that’s about it. Best of luck!


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