How To Make Every Scene Count.

When writing a novel it is important to make sure that every scene has a reason for being there. Each scene must move the story along or help to develop characters.

This is a mistake many newbie novelists make when they are starting out, along with not having the correct pen and not giving any of their characters believable surnames, (seriously, DO NOT give your characters surnames like ‘Mangofart’ or ‘Vulvabacksweat’!!)

Below are two sentences, see if you can work out which one moves the plotline forward the best.

‘Dave Vulvabacksweat entered the kitchen’;


‘Dave Vulvabacksweat entered the kitchen, tripped on a mango and died instantly’

Can you spot which sentence moves the storyline forward?

If you are still not certain how to make every scene count, watch the film ‘Crocodile Dundee II’ staring Paul Hogan and copy it.



Crocodile Dundee II



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