Quotes To Cure Writers Block

“Argh, I am so stuck! I haven’t written for over 12 minutes! I have terrible writers block”.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all suffered from the feeling of emptiness in our brain, when no thoughts manifest. The crippling fear of whether it’s ‘there’ or ‘their’ that you should write. The awful feeling that makes us wonder if we’re good enough…

So, I thought I’d take a moment to write some great quotes from some of my favourite writers to help get you motivated and push you on to achieving amazing things in your writing career!

  1. Pick up the pen, you idiot – Dave Flippers
  2. When one has no inspiration…you..er…erm.. – Tony Maltesers
  3. To write is to live, to live is to write so if you don’t write you may as well be dead – H.S. Plopping.
  4. Throw that tuna salad out of the window! – Gillian Photocopier
  5. Write, right? – Anne Laser
  6. Writing is easy, it’s defrosting the freezer that’s hard – Bill Dickface
  7. Oh just shut up and at least turn on the computer, you fool! – L.L.L.L. Hugedancer
  8. You can do it…what? Oh, yes that does sound bad…never mind! – Cherie Asparagus
  9. Inspiration is 12 per cent perspiration, 68 per cent sugar and 32 per cent…no hang on that’s not right…hold on…erm… – Kevin Waste
  10. Is dranghyerpfff a word? It is now – Deborah Banktransfer
  11. Have you thought of becoming a mime artist? – Flannery O’Flannersterflan
  12. A writer is always listening…pardon? – Doug Products.
  13. Writing is the souls way of hiding all of the awful, awful things that happen in your life…you’re life is truly awful!! – Terry Flange
  14. Can I borrow your pencil, mate? – Ursula F. Nur-ma-nur
  15. Learn to actually read before writing, you twat! – Suzy Whiteboard-Markerpen
  16. What is writing? Seriously…what is it? – D.I.K. Head.
  17. Writing is like sex. It rarely happens and when it does its over within 4 seconds, isn’t it…isn’t it? – Frank De De Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. Words…words. Words, words, words. I like how they stroke my bum – Sylvia Fingercat
  19. My pen has run out of ink…Oh no and that was the last pen in the world. Oh well, I’ll just stop – Kramer Tadpole
  20. No one else actually cares about your bloody novel! – Trevor Breath.

So there you go writers! I am sure all of these quotes struck a chord and will inspire you to go on and produce work of outstanading quality!

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